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Chamomile & Clove

Jul 12, 2020

In this episode, we're covering Chapters 20 and 24 of Time's Convert. It's Matthew's rebirthday party and we've FOOLISHLY invited Baldwin to dinner to make a ruckus in the name of family time. It gives us a great opportunity to talk about acceptance, tolerance, body image, vampire hierarchy, and why biting is (and simultaneously is not) a great tool for solving problems. Guys, there's so much biting today. There is also a lot of improvised singing, so consider yourselves warned.

Our reading schedule for Time's Convert is here. Don't forget to follow along with the All Souls Discussion Group's read-along of the novel this summer -- we're going in a different order, but there's great discussion in the community and you should check it out. You can find us on Facebook as part of the Chamomile & Clove Clovers group or on Twitter @chamomilenclove. We'd love it if you reviewed our show on iTunes, became a patron through Patreon, or bought some C&C swag on Redbubble.

Love you always. See you next time,

Yours, musically,

Cait and Jen