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Chamomile & Clove

May 24, 2020

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to our American listeners and friends -- we hope you're safe at home and enjoying the best of the early summer.

In this episode, we're talking about Chapters 28 and 33 of Time's Convert. Phoebe's a fledgling, now, so she's got a lot more privileges... and a lot more issues to contend with as she strikes out in the world. We've got a lot to say this week about vampire feeding--consent, etiquette, teaching, ethics--and then lots more to say about the Taylor family dynamics and whether Phoebe's supposed inability to return to trade is part of classism or patriarchy (or both?).

In our next episode, we're reuniting with Matthew and Diana and turning back the pages of this book to its early chapters. Not sure where to start? Check out our Reading & Release Schedule to find out where we are (and where we'll be!).

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