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Chamomile & Clove

Mar 1, 2020

Happy Sunday, Clovers.

At long last, you have the nerd-a-riffic, highly specific content you've been waiting for -- the whole All Souls Trilogy plot shebang in one spreadsheet. It was a (very colorful, slightly stressful) labor of love, but it definitely puts things in a whole new perspective. You can download the PDF version of the slides here:

This episode wraps our wraps, closes all the books, answers all the questions -- well, at least most of them. We're talking about trilogy structure, strong plotting choices, sneaky plotting choices, a little bit of time travel, and all our favorite things about the All Souls Trilogy. You don't want to miss it.

If you're interested in our other trilogy wrap episodes, you can check out Episode 70: The List on the Seat of Our Pants or Episode 71: The Narrative Ish. Our book-level wrap episodes are here.

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Thanks for the journey, y'all. It's been amazing.