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Chamomile & Clove

Dec 19, 2021

Happiest Sunday, wherever you are. We apologize for the minor service interruption -- our day jobs got in the way of us putting out an episode last week, but we're trying to make up for it by delivering big on The Book of Life Playlist. There's giggling, ghosts, and Switchfoot, which feels like par for the course.

Deb's playlist for The Book of Life can be found on Spotify.

Ours can be found on Spotify and on YouTube.

Our Gallowglass playlist is on the way and it's a *BANGER*. We can't wait to share it with you! Do you have a song (or songs?) you would add to this playlist? Let us know and we’ll add them! Follow us on Twitter as @chamomilenclove for updates and previews of our upcoming episodes or to submit your suggestions. For between episodes fun and news, please follow our Facebook page or consider joining our listeners’ group, the Chamomile & Clove Clovers. If you’d like to support the show, we’d love a review on iTunes or your pod-fetcher of choice or you can visit our Patreon.


Cait and Jen